Aaron Romel

Web and Interactive Media Developer

My Toolbelt

Building a skill set on both ends of the stack

Back End

Back End

  • NodeJS
  • SocketIO
  • Express
  • MongoDB
Front End

Front End

  • HTML
  • Javascript/ES6
  • React
  • Angular
Dev Tools

Dev Tools

  • Git
  • NPM
  • Webpack


Practice makes perfect, here is some of my work so far



Boardroom is a real-time collaborative productivity tool for brainstorming and team based chat. Users can chat and draw diagrams and doodles.



Another tool geared towards team-based planning. This app allows users to place notes on a board and freely arrange and combine them in a real-time, multi-user environment.


Tag, The Game

A multiplayer platformer game of tag made in HTML Canvas

About Me

Because it turns out, I'm a person too


Hey there, my name is Aaron and I love programming. I'm a new grad out of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Game Design and Development. I took an unconventional path to the point I am at now. After high school I had two careers, restaurant manager and then press operator. By the time I was 23 I decided I didn't want to regret not attempting college and enrolled at Erie Community College in Buffalo. It took two changes in major but I found a passion programming which eventually became an infatuation with web technologies when I got to RIT.

I love to try new things and my personal interests vary widely. My hobbies include running, video games, tennis and mixology, and I'm always looking for something new to learn about.